We spoke with scores of tree healthcare applicators, researchers, and business owners around the country about what was good and bad about their current tree injection systems. We heard concerns about durability, ergonomics, and the use of plastic or rubber plugs in the injection site. We set out to create a suite of the best tree injection system devices that kept all the features users enjoyed and fixed all the issues that they did not. The Q-Connect product for trees was designed to be the go-to system you could use every day.

Item #5150 Q-Connect Kit

  • 1 - 1-liter product bottle
  • 1 - Bottle cap with Rainbow filling port
  • 10 - Injector tees with valves and tubing
  • 1 - Stand for bottle
  • 2 - 15/64" high helix drill bits
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Best of Both Worlds

We took what worked well with other micro-infusion devices and combined it with the best features of macro-infusion to create the best tree injection system. The result is an easy-to-use system that gets the job done quickly, with the best results available.

  • Quickly expandable for any size tree
  • Continuous harness loop for even pressure, product distribution, and uptake
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Durable Design

Equipment that doesn't hold up day-in, day-out has no business in tree care because you can't afford downtime from broken components. We designed the Q-Connect to be field-ready for many seasons to come.

  • Durable steel tips and aluminum handles
  • Easy-to-see, quarter turn on/off valves
  • Pressurize with either a bike pump or a compressor with standard Schrader valve

Plug-Less System

The #1 thing we heard from our interviews was "No plugs, please". They are expensive, an extra step to install, and a production killer when they run out. The Q-Connect system allows fast treatment without the need for plastic plugs or rubber check valves.

  • Stainless steel tip seats snugly into a 15/64" hole.
  • Save time and money by not messing with plugs or rubber checks
  • Machined steel tips will not bend or break off

Other Features That Make Q-Connect the Best Tree Injection System

  • Compatible with a wide range of treatment chemistries
  • Features an expandable harness that can treat up to a 75" DBH tree
  • Bottle holder stand that will not bend
  • Tips utilize gate valves, not screw valves - know at a glance if the tip is on or off
  • Schrader valve pressure fittings allow any standard bike pump to be used
  • Pressure release valve means you cannot over-pressurize
  • One-way Rainbow filling port on bottle cap allows you to prime the whole system with no lost product or unnecessary chemical exposure
  • Easy setup and easy cleanup
  • No plastic capsules to throw away

In addition to the approved products listed below, we are actively engaged in research to broaden the usefulness of this tool for the optimal user experience.

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Tree Injection
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