Transform Your PHC

Plant Healthcare [plahnt helth-kair’]
Noun 1. The field concerned with the monitoring, diagnosis, and treatment of trees, shrubs, and ornamentals in the landscape. 2. The best way to grow your tree care or landscape business. Common Industry Shorthand: PHC

Different Kind of PHC Company

A Different Kind of Plant Healthcare Company

  • Created for companies like yours
  • Born from the Green Industry
  • Focused on predictable solutions

Rainbow Ecoscience was created to support businesses like yours. Founded in 1976 as Rainbow Treecare, has been practicing plant healthcare (PHC) for over 40 years. In the 1990s, fed up with the lack of science-backed treatment protocols and distributors who seemed more interested in selling a product than solving a problem, Rainbow Scientific was born.

Combining world-class horticultural and arboricultural research with a ground-up understanding of the day-to-day operations of running a service company gives Rainbow unique insights within the Green Industry. We are here to help you understand the issues your client’s properties are facing and get you the tools you need to find the solution.

Employee Owned

Rainbow is an employee-owned service company that also creates science-backed tools for the entire green industry

A Distributor That Gets You

  • Every vital PHC product you need
  • Fast and accurate shipping for no downtime
  • Online ordering 24hrs a day

Rainbow is your one-stop shop for everything plant healthcare. Treatments, application equipment, even personal protection equipment are all available with a click or a phone call.

We stock our shelves with all the essentials you need. Running a service business ourselves, we understand better than anyone that you cannot have downtime while your crews wait for your orders to arrive. Because of this, we pride ourselves on fast and accurate fulfillment.

Order 24/7 from our website or call your rep and consider it taken care of. Most orders arrive at your shop in 2-3 days with rapid shipping available if you need it right away.

260+ Plant healthcare solutions in stock
Rainbow Ecoscience Products
PHC Distributor
PHC Innovations

Creating Industry-Leading Innovations

  • Novel equipment & formulations
  • Applicator-centric design
  • Rigorously field tested

Plant healthcare is unlike anything else in the Green Industry and requires specialized tools to perform the work properly. Since the early days of injecting trees in the 1970’s, Rainbow has been at the forefront of innovative equipment design specific to the needs of proper plant care.

We not only design the equipment that is best for the trees and plants, we also design the equipment that is the best for the applicator. We know that it is somebody’s job to use these tools each day, so we consider everything from ergonomics to how they ride in the truck to how they are cleaned at the end of the day. We field test our innovations in real-world environments so you know you have the performance you can count on.

Soil Injection
Tree Injection Tip15 Novel application devices designed & manufactured

Backed by Research

  • Investing in tree and shrub science
  • Developing predictable protocols
  • Partnering with Government, University, and Industry scientists

Science is the cornerstone of a successful plant healthcare business. For this reason, Rainbow invests in research and development to address the biggest challenges in our industry.

Our internal Research Department and team of expert Arborologists partner with government, university, and industry scientists to conduct field trials that mimic the real-world scenarios we all work in every day.

We use the data and insights generated during these trials to develop industry-leading management protocols. These protocols form the base of every recommendation we make as we know predictability is vital to running a science-backed business.

Untreated and Treated Tree Photo
Microscope1,275 Research trials conducted since 2003
PHC Research
PHC Training and Education

World Class Training & Education

  • Virtual + Webinars (CEUs)
  • Seminars & Summits
  • Field Training

We know that having your people prepared is one of the most important parts of your business. For that reason, we are here to help get everyone up to speed on every aspect of plant healthcare. From working with the sales team to getting out into the field, Rainbow is your resource for practical training.

We offer many virtual learning opportunities with seminars and webinars, often earning you valuable continuing education units (CEUs) for maintaining your industry certifications.

Our people are passionate about helping your business and the environment. We have experienced Tech Support available to answer any plant healthcare question and local reps that are experts in the issues of your area. As your PHC partner, Rainbow is dedicated to serving you and your team.

PHC Field Day Session
PHC Protocol162 Plant healthcare protocols developed