Gabriel Verduzco

Gabe Verduzco

Gabriel Verduzco, Arborologist. Gabriel brings 18 years of experience in the plant healthcare field, including USDA research, horticulturalist for a botanical garden, starting a small fruit farm while living in Hawaii, and a research associate with the University of California Natural Resource Division. He is excited to bring his expertise in plant healthcare, especially with invasive tree pests and plant diseases in his region. Gabriel holds a bachelor's degree in Plant Health Science from the California State University of Fresno. In his free time, he enjoys surfing, hiking, veggie gardening, board games, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, plants, and spending time with family and friends. His favorite tree is the avocado, because he loves their fruit and enjoys growing his own produce. If he were hosting a dinner party and could invite any three guests, he would invite Steve Irwin, Jane Goodall, and Bill Nye.