Service & Repair

Just like any piece of equipment, sometimes you'll need to get your Rainbow equipment serviced or repaired.  Being a tree care company ourselves, we know that equipment down time means you’re not out there making money.  So that’s why we’re committed to helping you keep your equipment working.  Here’s how we help you.

Technical Support (877-272-6747)

If you or your crews run into any issues with equipment in the field, you can call the Technical Support line (Solution Center) and our technical support specialists will help you troubleshoot and guide you through any needed repairs.


You might run into issues where you won’t be able to fix your equipment in the field or in your shop.  In that case, you can send your unit back to Rainbow and we’ll have our technical support team diagnose and repair the issues. Before sending any equipment, please make sure to flush out the system of any leftover product that may still be inside the unit. For more information on pricing for repairs (including labor), contact the Solution Center (877-272-6747).

Annual Equipment Maintenance

Just like how your car needs an annual check-up and oil change, your equipment should also get an annual check-up.  Rainbow currently offers an annual maintenance program for the HTI-2000.  The program includes diagnostics, replacing worn parts, and thorough testing.  To learn more about this program, contact your Territory Manager or the Solution Center (877-272-6747).

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