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DIEHARD™ Transplant "naturalizes" the plant and ground with beneficial organisms that all plants have evolved with but generally are void of when produced in a commercial nursery. Nursery-grown plants are manipulated in every way the nurserymen has at his/her disposal to produce plants in the fastest, most efficient way. The result is that the plants, although looking great, and meeting the buyer's specifications (i.e. right size, looking great, etc.) are very fragile because they are missing many of the natural systems that they will need when planted in the landscape.

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DieHard Transplant Supplement

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DIEHARD™ Transplant is formulated as a transplant amendment to inoculate landscape trees and shrubs when planted with live beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, which nursery plants do not have, and nearly one hundred other ingredients to "complete" the plant and the ground in which the transplant is planted. It contains highly selected endo and ectomycorrhizal fungi that will quickly colonize the roots of new transplants to provide the best possible conditions for the roots to become as effective as possible during the establishment period and beyond. Both endo and ectomycorrhizal inoculants are combined with humic acids, stimulants, beneficial bacteria, soluble sea kelp, and yucca plant extracts to promote rapid root development. The formulation Horta-Sorb® water management gel is added to reduce transplant stress and watering maintenance, and to manage all soluble components. The results are better survival and growth rates and less watering for all transplants.

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Soil Application
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50 x 8 oz