Transtect comes in Easy-to-Use Water Soluble Packets!


  • Transtect is the only systemic insecticide that controls both soft and hard shell scale. No more field diagnosis of scales!
  • Field studies have shown superior control on Hemlock Woolly Adelgid infested trees and controls Hemlock Elongate Scale at the same time
  • Provides fast uptake and control of pest problems
  • Excellent spring and early summer treatment for season-long control

Research and field experience has shown Transtect performance is best when applied with Scrimmage

Note to customers in CT & MA: Per state guidelines, we must have your pesticide applicator’s license information on file before shipping.

Note to customers in NJ: Per state law and the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection, as of October 31, 2023, the purchase and use of this material is prohibited until further notice.

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A comparison of Untreated and Treated with Transtect
Active Ingredient:
Dinotefuran 70%
Signal Word:
Product Application:
Systemic Bark Spray,Soil Application
Unit Size:
20 - WSP Packets
Unit Makes High:
100 DBH Inches
Unit Makes Low:
317 DBH Inches
Not registered for use in: