Trimtect 2.5 Gallon


Trimtect is an innovative formulation of Cambistat for use on shrubs, small trees, and bedding plants. Trimtect consistently reduces the shoot growth of plants by 30-70 percent during the growing season. Sprayed on the foliage, Trimtect is the newest generation of growth regulators formulated specifically for shrubs, flowers, and other landscape plants to maintain a manicured appearance with less maintenance.

Research and field experience has shown Trimtect performance is best when applied with Audible 90

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A comparison of Untreated and Treated applications of Trimtect Shrub Growth Regulator

Comprehensive Trimtect Training Is Available!

Proper training of applicators and account managers is critical for ensuring success. Rainbow is capable of providing training materials, hands- on application training, and other necessary educational material to train staff for success.

Contact your Territory Manager, Arborologist, or the Solution Center to schedule training for your crews.

Technical Support:

  • In field application training
  • Online training
  • Diagnostic training
  • Live phone support from ISA certified arborists
  • Regional technical representatives
Active Ingredient:
Paclobutrazol 8%
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