Lepitect is a unique, soil injection insecticide that provides rapid systemic control of many key shade tree pests. One application will give 30 days of efficacy for lepidopteran larvae such as spongy moth, fall webworm, cankerworms, and bagworms. Lepitect is also a great tool for management of spider mites and leaf feeders such as Japanese beetles.

Lepitect SDS | Lepitect Label

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Key Insects Controlled: Bagworm, Cankerworm, Gall Forming Insects, Spongy Moth, Japanese Beetle, Lacebugs, Spider Mites, Tent Caterpillar, Webworm, Winter Moth (See Label For Full Labelled Pests).

Protected with Lepitect

Treated (right) and untreated (left) linden trees. Pest: Japanese beetles. Photo taken 6 weeks after treatment.

Active Ingredient:
Acephate 97.4%
Signal Word:
Product Application:
Soil Application
Unit Size:
10 oz. pouch
Unit Makes High:
25 DBH Inches
Unit Makes Low:
50 DBH Inches
Not registered for use in: