CuPRO 5000


CuPRO is a copper-based foliar fungicide used for control of foliar disease. This fungicide as also been shown to provide suppression of fireblight. CuPRO, when used as a preventative pray controls common fungi such as diplodia, anthracnose, and various other foliar diseases. Eradication of any fungus is highly unlikely and control or suppression are more common.

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Key Diseases Controlled: Rhabdocline, Needlecasts, Needle Blights, Fireblight, Bacterial Leaf Spots, Fungal Leaf Spots, Sphaeropsis, AnthracnoseеК(See Label For Full Labelled Pests).

Active Ingredient:
Copper Hydroxide 61.3%
Signal Word:
Product Application:
Foliar Spray
Unit Size:
3 lbs
Unit Makes High:
100 Gallons (3 lbs. per 100 Gallon)
Unit Makes Low:
400 Gallons (0.75 lbs. per 100 Gallon)
Not registered for use in: