Arbotect 20-S


Arbotect 20-S is the industry standard fungicide for the prevention of Dutch elm disease and suppression of sycamore anthracnose. One application of Arbotect by macro-infusion protects the entire canopy for multiple growing seasons.

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Dutch elm disease:

  • Protects healthy elms from beetle transmission of Dutch elm disease for three growing seasons.
  • Annual treatments are not required. Provides "gap-free" protection.
  • Arbotect moves into the new growth in the spring and protects this tissue when the beetles are highly active.
  • Track record of performance is over 25 years with success rates over 99 percent.
  • *Do not treat Camperdown elm (Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii')

Sycamore anthracnose:

  • Improves the appearance of infected sycamores over multiple years.
  • Application by macro-infusion is a closed system - no drift, and minimal applicator exposure.

Beech leaf disease

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Arbotect became the industry standard with Dutch elm disease for a simple reason: it works better than any other option. Elm trees are susceptible to infection early in the growing season but treatments cannot be performed until the tree is fully leafed out for the year. This means there is a several-week gap early in the year where other treatments leave the tree exposed to a possible infection. Arbotect not only lasts up to 3 years in the tree, but the product moves into the new growth. This allows a tree to be fully protected early in the season, which is a common time for elm trees to become infected.

Evaluation of Arbotect for Suppression of Sycamore Anthracnose (PDF)

Active Ingredient:
Thiabendazole 26.6%
Signal Word:
Product Application:
Tree Injection
Unit Size:
1 Gallon
Unit Makes High:
53 DBH Inches (Elms and Large Sycamores)
Unit Makes Low:
80; DBH Inches (Sycamore)
Not registered for use in: