Chlorosis Starter Kit



  • 1 Unit of Verdur
  • 1 Gallon of Cambistat
  • 1 Manual Macro-infusion Pump Kit
    • A 3 gallon hand pump-up tank with pressure gauge, on/off valve, and brass hosing barb
    • 110 feet of harness tubing
    • 75 infusion tees
    • 3 connector tees
    • 2 high helix drill bits
  • 1 Pair of Safety Glasses
  • 1 Pair of Chemical Resistant Gloves
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Chlorosis is caused by an iron (Fe) deficiency. Oftentimes, the tree's root system is unable to obtain important micro-nutrients from the soil. This can be due to a number of causes including too high or too low of a pH level.

Verdur is applied directly into the tree's vascular tissue through macro-infusion where it can be utilized by the tree. One treatment of Verdur will provide green up for up to 3 years.

Cambistat is applied as a soil application. It improves the tree's fine root development thereby improving the tree's ability to capture micro-nutrients. One treatment of Cambistat will last 3 years.


Want to learn more about chlorosis management and treatment strategies? Check out the online treatment guide.

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