Tree Injection Considerations


Tree injection is an important tool in the tree healthcare toolbox. Evaluate the following criteria before deciding that tree injection is the best course of action:

THE CLIENT’S DESIRES and wants will always be at the heart of any management recommendation.

IS THE TREE HEALTHY ENOUGH or structurally sound for a tree injection treatment?

WHERE IS THE TREE LOCATED and are there limitations for other methods? Consider tree injection for:

  • Trees where spray is not feasible
  • Areas of environmental sensitivity Trees with limited soil access

DOES THE SCIENCE SUPPORT the active ingredient AND the application device being used? Do not hesitate to request research data backing the claim.

IS THIS A ONE-TIME treatment or will it be repeated? If so, is there enough time between treatment intervals for the wounds to close?

DO YOU AND YOUR CREWS know the most current recommendations for proper tree injection techniques? If not, set up a training session.

ARE THERE OTHER TOOLS such as soil applied, spray, or cultural practices that can treat this problem?

Also, consider how the application method affects the relationship between the speed of control and the length of the residual effectiveness (left).

  • Effective for vascular wilt diseases
  • Option if roots or soil is inaccessible
  • Limited applicator and environmental exposure
  • Fast efficacy
  • Wounding of the tree
  • Longer application time than other methods