Tree Injection Products and Equipment

TOP GEAR: We can help you select the right tool for the job.

Someone once said, "If your only tool is a hammer, the whole world starts to look like a nail." This is true for many things in tree healthcare. You need more tools in the toolbox than just tree injection, and even within the tree injection realm there are different tools for different jobs.

If you are new to tree injection, it might seem daunting that there are so many choices. Really, it all starts with a proper diagnosis, then tailoring the management to address the issue. You can follow this simple flow chart from problem to solution:

*Always ensure proper diagnosis. Then always read and understand the management strategy AND the product label prior to any tree healthcare application


The Q-Connect product for trees was designed to be the go-to system you could use every day.

The Rainbow Quantum™️ Micro-Injector represents a new era in tree injection design and battery-powered performance for the care of urban ecosystems.


The electric pump system is designed to be used when making Arbotect applications for Dutch elm disease or sycamore anthracnose.

This system is convenient for lower volume applications such as Alamo and Verdur treatments.